What Happens When you Leave Creativity to Chance?

What happens is that you wait for inspiration to deliver some creative thought that you hope will benefit you in some way. It does happen that way, but you may wait a very long time for something fruitful.  In today’s time-compressed world where we’re going from one activity to the next, even if you do get some inspiration, chances are you may not capture it to re-visit later.  What a waste.

We are all so much more creative than we realize. In a perfect world, we could relax and reflect upon our thoughts, and then take time to explore those possibilities of thinking at a leisurely pace. We often do our best thinking when we’re unintentionally pondering things without regard for time limits.  But since most of us just don’t have that luxury, we must find ways to harness the creative thinking potential we have and deliberately apply ourselves to thinking in a skill-based way.  Some of the gurus in the world of creative thinking, such as de Bono and Michalko, have done just that.  And now I have added to these skill sets by expanding this knowledge domain to include such things as emotional intelligence, the eco-science of green innovation and much more.

I will shortly post an editorial calendar that includes numerous skills to thing outside-the-box, foster a culture of innovation throughout your company, and share with you techniques in political savvy to ensure that your innovations are championed and moved past the inherent roadblocks in your company.

Stay tuned! I will be back within a couple of weeks.



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