Quick Hits – The Learning Burst Approach to Creativity and Innovation

For many of us in the corporate world, it seems that there is less and less time to do all the things we have on or plate.  There are many reasons for this, and whether we like it or not, we are forced to multi-task to get it all done.

When it comes to learning a new skill, it now seems a luxury to get a day or two away from the office. That’s why I teamed up with Learning Bursts, a company that has found a way to enable skill acquisition while multi-tasking.  In essence, they provide ‘bursts’ of learning through auditory podcasts that fit into even the busiest lifestyle.

Learning Bursts are short, targeted segments of training that deliver valuable knowledge at the time you want it, when you want it.  Each burst consists of an 8-10 minute audio segment and several pages of supporting material in a workbook format.  This makes it an ideal mobile learning approach.

It isn’t a one-way communication either.  In fact, it is interactive, practical and sometimes even fun to do.  After you listen to a short burst podcast of a lively dialogue between Dave and me, you follow up with a comprehensive workbook, apply what you have learned in exercises and quizzes, and then solidify that knowledge in various case simulations and case studies. All on your time schedule.  No problems with interruptions because you take all the time you want in between the bursts. It couldn’t be easier.

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There are a series of ten podcasts:

The Essence of Creative Thinking and Innovation

  • Getting Started
  • What is Creativity and Innovation?
  • Some Natural Roadblocks to Creativity

An Overlooked Source of Innovation

  • Nature’s Inspiration for Innovation (Part A)
  • Nature’s Inspiration for Innovation (Part B)

The Thinking Skills Approach to Innovation

  • Metaphors
  • Random Connections – The Power of Random Words
  • Random Connections – The Power of Random Pictures
  • Random Connections – The Power of Random Objects
  • Destabilization – Experiencing the Discomfort
  • Attribute Listing – Not Overlooking the Obvious

If you think this may help you in learning more about creativity and innovation without having to attend a full program offsite, try out a free podcast. Just click on  http://www.learningbursts.com/our-courses and see how you like it.  Enjoy!


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